As part of the process of building Buleku, we exposed the lexical data through several REST APIs that can be consumed externally. If you would like to connect your application to the APIs, you can get access by sending an email to with your application's details (domain name, use case, etc.). We will validate your request and issue client credentials upon approval.

This documentation will help you understand what is needed to read the Manchu lexical data from the APIs. The first step is to get an access token from the OAuth 2.0 endpoint with the client credentials grant. You can read more about this process on the page Authorization. Then, you can issue search queries and request the lemmata for an entry with the access token you retrieved. These requests are explained on the Search and Fetch lemma respectively.

Any feedback, suggestions or feature requests are welcome at If you need an application-specific addition to the APIs, maybe because your application needs the data in a specific format, we can add this for you. In that case, we can discuss the implications via email.

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